Why We Started A Speakers Bureau For People Who Aren’t Named Michelle Obama Or Barack Obama

Everybody knows that authors typically make the best speakers, because if you’ve written a book, you’ve clarified and synthesized your thinking to the point that everyone can benefit from it.

Since that’s the case, doesn’t it make sense to create a speakers bureau whose clientele is comprised solely of authors?

We think so, and that’s why we started The Authors Bureau.

Our founder, New York Times bestselling author Michael Levin, has been a ghostwriter for three decades. He and his team of writers, first at BusinessGhost.com—a ghostwriting company for which he appeared on Shark Tank and later sold—and now his successor company, are responsible for more than 750 books.

Joining together to create a speakers bureau for authors just made supreme sense. Authors are great candidates for the speakers’ platform. Michael has authors, and our experienced team can get them booked. And so a new speakers bureau was born.

Most speakers bureaus feature celebrities like a Michelle Obama or Magic Johnson, individuals who can command six-figure speaking fees for a 45-minute presentation.

We recognize that there is a broad universe of speaking opportunities in the business world, with nonprofits, and at colleges and universities, where the honoraria are not quite as stratospheric, but are still significant enough to make the events worthwhile for both the speaker and the audience.

That’s the niche in which The Authors Bureau will operate.

Becoming a client of The Authors Bureau is, for the most part, by invitation only, although we would love to hear from qualified individuals who have reason to believe that they would make great speakers.

In the meantime, we are launching The Authors Bureau with the idea that words matter, both written and spoken, and that the dissemination of important ideas is a worthy goal.