David X. Martin

Cyber security, risk management expert, author, speaker.

Speaking Topics

The Art of Managing Cybersecurity

Today, cybersecurity is no longer just a tech issue. In reality, it never was. It’s a management issue, a leadership issue, a strategy issue: It’s a “must have right”…a survival issue. Business leaders and IT managers alike need a new paradigm to work together and succeed. David X Martin has created an entirely new paradigm called CyRM that approaches security as a business problem and aligns it with business needs. He is the go-to guy on this vitally important issue. Martin shares his experience and expertise to help you, navigate today’s dangerous cybersecurity terrain, and take proactive steps to prepare your company – and yourself – to survive, thrive, and keep your data (and your reputation) secure.

Applying Risk Management Principles to Real Life

It’s hard to get people to start thinking about risk. Different individuals have different risk “personalities” that predispose them to different vulnerabilities There is also no such thing as “zero risk.” David X Martin explains how to apply risk management principles to make better, more conscience decisions on how to protect what is important in our personal and professional lives.

Risk and the Smart Investor

Risk exists because of one simple fact. Decisions are always based on incomplete information. Therefore to meet your investment or retirement goals over the long term

You must learn to manage the risks associated with a decision-making process that is flawed David X Martin provides a framework make such decisions and prepares you to better handle the next financial crisis.


David X Martin is a former chief risk officer, a published author and subject matter expert on fiduciary responsibilities. His professional experience includes leadership roles with Citibank and AllianceBernstein, advisory work for the FBI and SEC, and senior advisory roles for large, complex and global companies. He is a visionary leader known for creating and building premier risk and fiduciary organizations. David is an expert witness in high level risk and cybersecurity cases, is an Adjunct Professor at NYU Graduate School of Business, a member of the Sanctions Subcommittee of the US Department of State’s Advisory Committee on International Economy Policy, and a Special Counselor to the Center for Financial Stability on emerging risks. His numerous articles, books, speaking engagements and Board of Director experience can be viewed through his website.


Speaker Requirements

Client is responsible for a well-lit podium, a handheld microphone and a bottle of water. An attached microphone is acceptable, but no lavalier microphones.
About David X. Martin
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