Lamar Odom

Check availability Speaking Topics Mamba Mentality Lamar is inspired by his best friend Kobe Bryant every day. He carries the Mamba Mentality mantra in his pocket and does his best to live by the creed: a constant quest to be the best version of one’s self. What did the Mamba Mentality mean to Kobe, what …

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Michael Levin

Check availability Speaking Topics The Value of Uniqueness Most people describe themselves as if they were a commodity, and not as a unique individual with years–even decades–of experience and success. If you fail to describe yourself on your LinkedIn page, in your marketing materials, in your CV, or any other manner, in terms of your …

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Michael Hinshaw

Check availability Speaking Topics Keys to Winning at the Intersection of Digital Transformation and Customer Experience Today’s “digital first but not digital only” retail customers desire different, connected experiences that meet their quickly evolving expectations where they are, how and when they wish. That’s why this session will show you the top ways that business …

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